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Wed Apr 1 06:29:26 PST 1998

Bertrand Guiheneuf wrote:
> \\ Anyone out there have an old working Sun 3 they don't want.  I'd like to
> \\ get the m68k JIT working again but I don't have a platform.  I can
> \\ collect if your in the Bay area.  While I'm at it I'd quite like an
> \\ Alpha box :-)
> \\
> \\ Thanks
> \\ Tim
> \\
> After abusing (free software-) users and developpers credibility, Kaffe-Biss authors ask us for our own machines.
> Do you plan to ask us for nights with our wives :-)
>         Bertrand
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> Les propos ci dessus n'engagent que moi, ils ne representent
> aucunement la position de l'INRIA ni celle du projet FRACTALES.
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That comment was low and way out of line.  Attaching a smiley at the end of an
inappropriate comment doesn't make it funny.

It is infuriating to see the arrogance of people like Mr. Guiheneuf who insult
others that are making a genuine contribution to the free software community. 
I'd dare say that the Transvirtual folks have done more to benefit others for no
compensation than Mr. Guiheneuf ever will.  Perhaps Mr. Guiheneuf would like Tim
Wilkinson to go on welfare so that he can work full time for nothing and give
away kaffe while others become rich from his work?

I hope that Tim will not see Mr. Guiheneuf's behavior as any indication of the
feelings or maturity level of the community at large.  Transvirtual is one of a
new breed of companies that include freeware as part of their business model. 
In this way they benefit themselves through commercial licensing and benefit
everyone else by providing quality freeware implementations.

To say that their actions "abuse user's and developer's credibility" is absurd. 
Personally I hope they are wildly successful in business and continue to provide
useful freeware.

Tim, if I had a Sun 3 to spare I'd send it to you fed ex today.  Unfortunately,
I don't.

All the best,

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