kaffe v0.10 & linux

dog dog at dog.net.uk
Thu Apr 2 03:38:17 PST 1998

marcel ammerlaan wrt:
> I've seen some people on this list that have kaffe running
> on Linux systems. I tried it on a linux/libc6 system but it doesn't work
> (compiles ok, running kaffe without any files gives help output. Running
> a .class (java compiler or HelloWorldApp) file gives:
> ..
> java/io/File.class(/usr/local/jdk/lib/classes.zip)
> java/io/FileNotFoundException.class(/usr/local/jdk/lib/classes.zip)
> java/io/SyncFailedException.class(/usr/local/jdk/lib/classes.zip) 
> java/lang/NoSuchMethodError.class(/usr/local/jdk/lib/classes.zip)
> java/lang/IncompatibleClassChangeError.class(/usr/local/jdk/lib/classes.zip) 
> java/lang/LinkageError.class(/usr/local/jdk/lib/classes.zip)
> java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: initializeSystemClass
> Did anyone have any success running kaffe on libc6? if the answer is
> positive what have they done to get it running??

i just compiled the new 0.10 dist under libc5 and i'm getting the same


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