Kaffe v.0.10 and missing libs in Cygwin32

Tony Juricic tonko at evcom.net
Sun Apr 5 00:13:52 PST 1998

Building kaffe.exe on Cygwin32 B19 I get a lot of undefined
external functions.

Turned out functions are really not included in Kaffe clib libraries.

For math library statement in BigInteger.c includes all
the code if HAVE_LIBGMP is defined like:

#if defined(HAVE_LIBGMP)

#include <gmp.h>

... functions definition code


There is no libgmp among Cygwin32 GNU libraries nor 
is there gmp.h header. HAVE_LIBGMP is not defined in

For undefined externals in zip library the cause is similar.

#if defined(HAVE_LIBZ) && defined(HAVE_ZLIB_H)

#include <zlib.h>

... functions definition code


Nothing of this sort, library or header, in Cygwin32 B19 distribution.
So, I assume that I have to get these 2 libraries and headers from
somewhere else and build libraries under Cygwin32..

Any suggestions where to find them?

Thanks, Tony 

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