Integrating Kaffe and Mozilla ?

Michael Koehne kraehe at
Thu Apr 16 17:07:43 PDT 1998

Moin Robert S. Thau,

> (A final note:  If you look at the Mozilla community pages, you'll
> notice that they've set up a forum for Java issues.  However, it's
> dominated by people discussing a project to rewrite the whole thing in
> Java, and there is very little on the --- to me, more interesting ---
> project of getting a usable JVM in status-quo mozilla).

	The Java written browser, running under kaffe, could be a more
	interesting thing for us, because its not crippled by the N$
	licence. I've tried some test of integrating perl/tk and kaffe,
	to use tk as awt and the ptk web browser as a starting point.
	But I never found the time to go deeper. What we now have is
	a running kaffe+biss, coding a browser in java is imho more
	promising, running the appletviewer or hotjava with biss
	currently has the problem I can reproduce with a much smaller
	program :

import java.awt.*;

public class AwtHello
	public static void main (String args[]) {
		Frame f = new Frame("Hello");
		TextField t = new TextField ("Salut c'est Claude.");
	 	*/ ();

	If I remove the comments, an ArrayStoreException will be raised
	by java/util/Vector.addElement. The same is with the appletviewer.
	Perhaps this helps. (btw Kaffe0.92+Biss0.94+Linux1.2.13/Aout, never
	touch a running system ;-)
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