AWT with 10.0.0

Mark Burton mark at
Mon Apr 20 03:52:24 PDT 1998

> On Fri, 17 Apr 1998, John C. Hayward wrote:
> >    In Feb information was given that a new version of Kaffe would
> > be comming out in March which would resolve the AWT problems with
> > 0.92.  At the end of March there was an announcement of 10.0.0
> > (I think) but I had the impression that it still lacked the AWT
> > parts.
> Kaffe 0.92 can be "upgraded" to support AWT with the latest BISS-AWT 0.94
> package.  This package can be downloaded from:
> There are some known compile errors in this package but they can be
> avoided with simple patches (which I can provide if needed).

I'm trying to do this.... but not with any success so far!

The first error I get is No variable type defined in class java.awt.Font.
        fnt.type = Font.BYTE;

Should I go hack the code? Ahhhh!

Also... whats the difference between JDK 1.1.5 and Biss 0.94 ?

Numbers dont you luv em !



> The Kaffe+BISS-AWT combo works great over here with all BISS-specific
> graphics classes.  If what you need are "peers" for regular java.awt.*
> widgets, BISS-AWT still has a few problems in that area.

Dont THINK I use Peers.. :-)

> Regards,
> Alex Boisvert

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