Interpreter and jit at once ?

Artur Biesiadowski abies at
Wed Apr 22 05:27:37 PDT 1998

How much changes would it require ?
I suppose that just adding -jit -nojit flags to kaffe would be easy, but
I'm think about being able to freely mix translated and interpreted
methods. This way we could interpret some of the methods (especially
<clinit>) saving time and space. Later we could design more elaborate
mechanism to decide which methods should be translated
(name WarmSpot comes to mind :)

BTW kaffe interpreter in sloooow.
I've written small program testing speed of put/get static opcodes for
tya and tested it - here are the results (linux).

jdk 		~7s
jdk+tya		~0,75 s
kaffe-jit	~0,81 s
kaffe-interp	~100s

Of course this is really bad, normally kaffe-interp is only 2-3 times
slower than jdk.


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