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chenghu chenghu at public.bcf.com.cn
Sun Apr 26 18:26:09 PDT 1998

Hollow sir/madam
  I have down load  JVM ,kaffe 0.10.0. When I study the source
I meet some problems. Could you like to give me some help.
   I don't understand the following source code in the file named

" :        \
   : "r" ((CALL)->nrargs),     \
     "r" ((CALL)->args),      \
     "r" ((CALL)->callsize),     \
     "m" ((CALL)->function),     \
     "m" ((CALL)->rettype),     \
     "m" ((CALL)->ret)      \
   : "eax", "ebx", "ecx", "edx", "edi", "esi", "cc", "memory"); \
 asm volatile ("       \n\
  subl %0,%%esp      \n\
 " : : "r" ((CALL)->argsize * sizeof(jint)) : "cc")
I have found several books about asm language, but I don't find the
like that. Could you interpret this code line by line.
  Expecting your answers.

 Ding YuXing

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