Kaffe 0.10.0 on Linux

Brian L. Sellden Brian at henge.com
Tue Apr 28 00:47:37 PDT 1998

George Ronkin wrote:
> 	In any event, I got 0.10.0 to work in the sense of passing
> basic tests, running javac, and some code I was writing by changing
> kaffe/kaffevm/baseClasses.c to not call initializeSystemClass if
> it didn't exist:

Nice work... That makes things work, here.

I ran a bunch of non-graphical apps with both JDK-1.1.5 ports
for Linux with no problem.

Here's the question I have now... Is this version of
Kaffe supposed to work with JFC 1.01?  i.e. Swing 1.0?
I have trouble tracking what is supposed to work at any given
time - never enough coffee :-)

Anyway I tried a simple Swing app with both jdk's, and got the
following.  Anyone running Swing?

Failed loading java.awt.EventQueue: java.lang.NullPointerException
	at java/lang/Thread.init(261)
	at java/lang/Thread.<init>(365)
	at java/awt/EventDispatchThread.<init>(44)
	at java/awt/EventQueue.<init>(51)
	at sun/awt/SunToolkit.<init>(44)
	at sun/awt/motif/MToolkit.<init>(48)
	at java/awt/Toolkit.getDefaultToolkit(401)
	at com/sun/java/swing/RepaintManager.<init>(76)
	at com/sun/java/swing/RepaintManager.currentManager(52)
	at com/sun/java/swing/JComponent.repaint(2873)
	at com/sun/java/swing/JComponent.repaint(2886)
	at com/sun/java/swing/JLayeredPane.setLayer(243)
	at com/sun/java/swing/JLayeredPane.setLayer(218)
	at com/sun/java/swing/JLayeredPane.addImpl(148)
	at java/awt/Container.add(219)
	at com/sun/java/swing/JRootPane.setContentPane(199)
	at com/sun/java/swing/JRootPane.<init>(128)
	at com/sun/java/swing/JFrame.createRootPane(129)
	at com/sun/java/swing/JFrame.frameInit(122)
	at com/sun/java/swing/JFrame.<init>(116)
	at SpeechButtonExample.main(25)

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