Thread.sleep() strangeness

Matthew P. Gleeson gleeson at ERC.MsState.Edu
Wed Apr 29 12:32:03 PDT 1998

I think I can see where the problem occurs: the sysdepCallMethod()
macro in config/sparc/common.h doesn't do the right thing with the
64-bit jlong argument to Thread.sleep().

Admittedly it's my first day doing SPARC assembler, but I don't even
see how the macro works at all: it seems to assume that the SPARC has
64-bit registers for %o0-%o5.

It looks like the part that goes:
                ld [%2],%%o0                                            \n\
                ld [%2+8],%%o1                                          \n\
                ld [%2+16],%%o2                                         \n\
                ld [%2+24],%%o3                                         \n\
                ld [%2+32],%%o4                                         \n\
                ld [%2+40],%%o5                                         \n\

should actually go something like:
		ldd [%2],%%o0						\n\
		ldd [%2+8],%%o2						\n\
		ldd [%2+16],%%o4					\n\

but that seems to mess things up elsewhere.

gback at writes:
 >  I don't have the time to track this down right now,
 > but make sure you include "support.h" in the relevant files
 > so that it is known that currentTime() returns a 64bit (jlong) value.
 > The SPARC is one of the architectures where this doesn't work 
 > automatically. (it does on the x86, but then again on the x86 with gcc
 > even things like: "int f() { g(); }" return the return value of g().)
 > 	- Godmar

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