Problems with kaffe-0.10.0 on OpenStep

Tony Juricic tonko at
Wed Apr 1 16:14:33 PST 1998

> Not to grumble, but the docs say that it works on i386 and sparc, and it
> lists openbsd and bsdi as working platforms.  Was this a typo or
> misreading on my part?  I would just like to know whether it's just me or
> if this version hasn't been compiled on these platforms at all.

Eh, Tim is known to pass all code to 10 testers who compile on all
20 platforms that they have in the 100x100 feet rear room of 
Transvirtual'  new building, before they post it publicly.

Just joking but I don't get these errors on Cygwin32 which is also i386.


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