Kaffe mirrors

Matthias Hopf mshopf at cip.informatik.uni-erlangen.de
Thu Apr 2 07:18:20 PST 1998

Hi Tim!

> I'd like to get the mirror list updated since the current one is badly broken and
> out of date.  If you actively mirror Kaffe can you let me know please (and where to
> find the mirror).  I'd also appreciate it if any mirrors now pointed at

You will find our current mirror at

> ftp.transvirtual.com:/pub/kaffe rather than anywhere else.

What will be with kaffe.org? Will the domain vanish sometime?
And what about the older versions of kaffe (0.7.x-0.9.x)?
They are not on transvirtual's server right now.

I also miss a clear sentence about kaffe's status change in the
www.kaffe.org home page. Best together with a link to transvirtual.



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