Kaffe v.0.10 and missing libs in Cygwin32

Tony Juricic tonko at evcom.net
Sun Apr 5 14:33:14 PDT 1998

Aleksey wrote:

> I think this should be added to the README and reflected on the Web site.
> libgmp and zlib are GPLed libraries kaffe relay on for big integer and zip  
> native implementation.
> libgmp could be downloaded from main GNU site (ftp://prep.ai.mit.edu)
> zlib could be found at http://www.cdrom.com/pub/infozip/zlib/

Thanks Aleksey! I already built the libraries and all undefined
externals are now gone. zlib builds fine under Cygwin32 B19 but
libgmp version 2.0.2 comes with Configure that does not recognize
i386-unknown-win32/cygnus system. I substituted config.guess and
config.sub with the versions that come with kaffe-0.10.0 and libgmp
build went just fine afterwards.

I am left with one undefined external
../kaffevm/libkaffevm.a(support.o): In function `callMethodA':
/Projects/kaffe/kaffe-0.10.0/kaffe/kaffevm/support.c:273: undefined reference to
../kaffevm/libkaffevm.a(support.o): In function `callMethodV':
/Projects/kaffe/kaffe-0.10.0/kaffe/kaffevm/support.c:428: undefined reference to

but this is coded as macro and I hope I'll be able to fool the compiler
with a hack here-there.
Regards, Tony 

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