Kaffe 0.10.0 for Cygwin32 B19 works!

Tony Juricic tonko at evcom.net
Sun Apr 5 19:40:55 PDT 1998

Finally I managed to learn enough of GDB to find the fix
for Cygwin32 B19 version of kaffe v.0.10.0 crashing upon
executing the simplest application.

I found the place where kaffe calls setjmp() on thread env buffer
and the used GDB registers window to discover that stack pointer
must be at offset 7.

This is the change required in file i386\win32\cygnus\md.h:

/* Thread handling */
#include "i386/threads.h"

#if defined(SP_OFFSET)
#undef SP_OFFSET
#define	SP_OFFSET		7

#if defined(TRANSLATOR)
#include "i386/common.h"
#include "jit-md.h"


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