The speed of exception handling !?!

Christoph Kulla Christoph.Kulla at
Mon Apr 6 07:50:14 PDT 1998

I downloaded the current kaffe-snap. The timing of creation of excpetions objects seems 
to be good, but throwing them is really slow:

class kaffeExceptions {

  public static final void generateException () throws Exception {
    throw new Exception ();
  public static final void main (String[] args)  {
    for (int i=0; i<20000; i++)
      try {
        generateException ();
      } catch (Exception exp) {

time kaffe kaffeExceptions

real	0m12.004s
user	0m11.430s
sys	0m0.250s

time java kaffeExceptions

real	0m2.006s
user	0m1.700s
sys	0m0.280s

Any ideas ?


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