Interpreter and jit at once ?

Artur Biesiadowski abies at
Thu Apr 23 01:31:59 PDT 1998

Dan McGuirk wrote:

> > I've written small program testing speed of put/get static opcodes for
> > tya and tested it - here are the results (linux).
> Could you post the code?  I'd be interested in seeing it.
It is really simple test, designed to test speed of opcodes.
Here it is, feel free to do antything you want with it.
(such things should be probably done directly in jasmin, but javac is
simplier - it is sometimes good to have non-optimizing compiler)


------ cut here ----------
 test put/get static opcodes
 exactly one of each get/put (8 total) and one integer compare branch
 per loop
 Compile without -O !!!!

public class TestOpcodeStatic
       static int sint;
       static long slong;
       static float sfloat;
       static double sdouble;
       public static void main( String argv[] )
               long startTime = System.currentTimeMillis();
               for( sint =0; sint < 5000000; sint++ )
                       slong = slong;
                       sfloat = sfloat;
                       sdouble = sdouble;

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