Was That Your FBI File??????

22523648 at roadtowealth.com 22523648 at roadtowealth.com
Thu Aug 6 06:26:29 PDT 1998

               ===== AUTOMATIC NOTICE =====

Your email (attached beneath this notice) was blocked by my 
email filter for one or more of these reasons:

  * Your email came from or via a site whose email servers
    (computers which process email) allow "relaying" or are
    insecure in some other way, allowing senders of unsolicited
    bulk email (usually called UBE, UCE or spam) to use
    these servers to hide who they are and bypass filtering.

  * Your email had headers or body text which looked like
    spam to the my spam filter.

  * Your email came from or via a site on the spam filter's list 
    of internet sites which allow users to spam, or which do not
    take effective action against users which do so.

If you are a bulk mailer, advertiser (commercial or political), or
are sending any kind of "free offer", please remove this address
from your mailing list and do not email me again.

If you are not an advertiser or bulk mailer, you can resend your
mail and get past the filters by including the password listed
below on the Subject: line of your message. It can appear anywhere
on the Subject: line -- it doesn't have to be first, last, or the
only thing on that line.

An easy way to do this is to forward this bounced message back to
me and either change the Subject: line to the password, or add it
to the beginning or end of the Subject: line -- whatever is easier.
That way, I will get your email and be able to add your email
address to my NOBOUNCE list, which means email from you will not
bounce again. :)

Thank you!

 ********** The password is zeugma. **********

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