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Archie Cobbs archie at
Sat Aug 1 13:01:28 PDT 1998

Godmar Back writes:
> I think that the values for SocketOptions do not have to match those 
> for JDK 1.1.5 since SocketOptions is an interface that is not public.  
> User programs can only access that stuff via Socket.setTcpNoDelay() etc.
> In fact, the SocketOptions interface is not even documented in the JDK doc.
> (At least not in 1.2beta3, which I have in front of me.)
> Why do you think we need to match Sun's numbers?

It is documented in JDK 1.2 beta4 on this page:

(don't know but you might need to log in as a jdk developer first)

It might be good to make them consistent, in case some compiler
somewhere optimizes and puts the constant values in the class file
or something... ?


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