SunOS 4.1.4

Michael Koehne kraehe at
Tue Aug 11 22:57:11 PDT 1998

Moin Eric J. Sentner,

> I'm trying to get kaffe installed on my sunos box.. It gives me the
> error message: not found ? Does kaffe build correct on SunOs ?

> Looking through the archives, I see similar problems, but no solutions
> are evident.. Any suggestions?

	Take a look at kaffe/kaffevm/external.c. Define the debugs as

	#define DBG(s)          s
	#define LDBG(s)         s

	and recompile. Next tell us what configure sais about dynamic
	linking, and what the DBG/LDBG prints. If configure tells about
	GNU/DLD, ask me the DLD patch waiting for approval.

	A last chance is of course to make it clean and configure

By Michael
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