Kaffe don't link on HP/UX 10.20

Petter Reinholdtsen pere at cc.uit.no
Sat Aug 15 14:15:52 PDT 1998

The latest CVS source fail to link on HP/UX.  I suspect some missing
params at the linker stage.  Is there any reason why Kaffe isn't using
libtool, <URL:http://www.profitpress.com/libtool/>, and automake,

I rewrote some of the makefiles to use automake and libtool, and the
libraries linked.

BTW:  If you know more about HP/UX params needed to link, here is the
full linkline for clib/native/ (I removed the .o entries):

ld -b +h libnative.sl.0 +s +b /usr/local/lib -o .libs/libnative.sl.0.0 [...]
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