kaffe and Swing

Peter C. Mehlitz peter at transvirtual.com
Tue Aug 18 00:35:44 PDT 1998

>Has anyone successfuly use swing classes with Kaffe?

In the works (sorry, no other news yet). Swing doesn't run on top of the specs
but require JDK-specific "behavior" (most notably a mix of deprecated /
non-deprecated delegation). Mainly because of efficiency, some of the required
changes (e.g. by SwingGraphics, which is derived *and* delegates from/to
java.awt.Graphics) will probably not make it into the standard classes
(example: we don't want to create a new char[] for every drawString() because
of the "missing" drawString() delegation in SwingGraphics), but rather end up
in some kind of a "Swing compatibility module".

-- Peter

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