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Wed Aug 19 08:45:55 PDT 1998

please find attached .bat file to be run from a dos promtp to set up the
path and classpath so that they will run from cygwin. Once I get the
pizza compiler running I'll send you the info.


P.S. setting the environmental variables from cygwin is broken, or never
worked on NT and I've just installed everything on a 95 box and ditto.
Can you set environmental variables from within cygwin? To test if it
has set one, type 'echo $<name>' e.g. 'echo $FOO', it should return
whatever you set it to, not a blank line.

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> Subject:	compiling: error 
> I am trying to compile  and I obtain  this error:
> [/s-test]javac
> error: read error
> 1 error
> [/s-test]
> The IOException.class exits in Klasses.jar and my CLASSPATH seems to
> be 
> good...
> Do you have any idea about this error, I am working on Win95.
> Thanks
> F.Lemoine
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