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Raffaele Sena raff at aromatic.com
Mon Aug 3 06:57:23 PDT 1998

On Mon, 3 Aug 1998, Michael Koehne wrote:

> Moin Bill 'Sneex' Jones,
> > Cannot find essential class 'java/lang/Object' in class library ...
> > aborting.
> 	This message is printed by findInJar, so perhaps you need
> 	to setup your classpath ?
> 	CLASSPATH=/usr/local/share/kaffe/Klasses.jar:\
> 		/usr/local/share/kaffe/pizza.jar:.
> 	export CLASSPATH
> 	should fix it. This should be found in the FAQ - But :

I don't have the original message, but reading this I would guess
the problem is (and this is almost the third time I'm saying so)
a bug in the configure script.

If yoy didn't specified an installation prefix ( --prefix flag in
configure) and you installed in the "standard" place (binaries in
/usr/local/bin and classes in /usr/local/share/kaffe/ ) a bug in
configure.in/configure wil set DEFAULT_KAFFEHOME to NONE/share/kaffe
instead of /usr/local/share/kaffe and running kaffe without specifying
the classpath will fail with an error similar to what you are getting.

I suggested a fix in configure (move the 2 lines that define
DEFAULT_KAFFEHOME AFTER the big bunch of variable substitutions
in the configure script) but this is not complete because configure
is generated by autoconf from the configure.in template.

I tried some changes in configure.in but moving the definition of
DEFAULT_KAFFEHOME around does not work (it get called either too early
in the generation of config.h - before the other variables are correctly
expanded - or too late - after config.h has been created).
I'm sure one of the thousand macros in autoconf would do the trick,
but I don't know it so well.

Another solution could be to do not refer to $datadir but do all the
steps that are done for $datadir for DEFAULT_KAFFEHOME too.

Anyway, to fix your problem I would suggest:

- clean and slow: re-configure kaffe using --prefix=/usr/local
- quick and dirty: change the value of DEFAULT_KAFFEHOME in
  config/config.h and rebuild (make sure kaffe/main.o get recompiled)

-- Raffaele

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