Kaffe for MacOS?

Joel Dillon joel at catchword.co.uk
Thu Aug 6 00:59:48 PDT 1998

I work for a company that has a Java product we wish to run on MacOS;
since we're aiming to do
Truetype font rendering we'd like to have some native code to handle
that. We'd quite like to use
Kaffe to run our software since it'll guarantee similar behaviour on all
platforms and since it should
make it easier to add our own native code to speed up font rendering -
the software we're writing
can be GPL'd so if necessary we could even add code directly into Kaffe.
Anyway, the question is:
is anyone working on a port of Kaffe to MacOS? If not then we might be
able to do the port ourselves and donate it to you, but obviously we
don't want to reinvent the wheel.

     Joel Dillon

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