Change in mailing-list policy

Daniel Veillard Daniel.Veillard at
Fri Aug 7 08:07:43 PDT 1998

  Considering that we got spam on the Kaffe mailing-list yesterday,
I have changed the mailing-list policy to be closed. The main advantage
is that the spam shouldn't reach you anymore, the drawback is that
any mail send is now checked against the subscriber list and will bounce
is it doesn't match the From field. That mean that if your sending
address is not the one you registered to, at best your post will have to
wait for my approval hence lowering the interactivity you can expect
from the list, at worst if I'm away, busy or if my mailbox exploded
then your post won't show up.
  So please check that the mail address you're using is the same you
registered from, you can check that at looking at the enveloppe of this



P.S. Make sure you don't send administrative messages to to list too !!!

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