Some problems with Kaffe 1.0b1

Archie Cobbs archie at
Tue Aug 11 15:51:03 PDT 1998

Michael Sinz writes:
> This is what I found with the snapshot from the end of August 9th
> (or early morning August 10th)
> 1)  Socket.setSoTimeout(int) throws "unknown method"
>     There is some talk about having addressed this a fresh
>     build of the daily snapshot does not seem to help.
>     Removing these calls in my socket connection code
>     lets the connection work.  (All of my projects currently
>     involve connections to sockets or being a server for
>     connections)

This should be implemented, see:


When I run "javap java/net/Socket" I see this:

  public  void setSoTimeout(int);

Are you seeing this method with javap (you may have to put in your CLASSPATH)?


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