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Wed Aug 12 09:37:45 PDT 1998

On Wed, 12 Aug 1998 09:53:04 -0600 (MDT) gback at (Godmar Back)

>Seems you're missing prototypes.  Add them to your md.h.
>	- Godmar

Ok, this gave me a place to look. I notice that for most of the other chip
architectures (mips, sparc, etc.) there is a base directory in
kaffe-1.0.b1/config that contains a common.h and a threads.h and that the
md.h files in the OS-specific subdirectories then #include these.

In the powerpc arch directory, there is only threads.h and no common.h.

There are 3 OS-specific subdirectories for aix, linux and machten and the
md.h files are similar. However for aix there is line defining SP_OFFSET but
this line is not defined in md.h for machten.

Is it as simple as making an entry for SP_OFFSET in the md.h? Anyone with an
idea of what it should be for MachTen 4.1?

In the linux variant of md.h, there is a line defining INIT_MD with the
comment that "Linux requires a little initialization" preceding the #define.
There is no definition of SP_OFFSET in this variant.

Sorry for the "newbie" questions -- I need some pointers to get started


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