An interesting Kaffe execution profile

Dan McGuirk mcguirk at
Fri Aug 14 12:43:06 PDT 1998

On Thu, 13 Aug 1998, David Young wrote:
> 	It would appear from looking at the profiling output that the
> program ran for about 1/5th of a second, but it actually ran about
> 7 minutes. Can anyone offer an explanation of this discrepancy?

The profiler only counts time spent actually running in the profiled code. 
If you, for example, block on a system call, it has no idea what's going
on.  So if you have a function foo() that takes up 99% of your program's
execution time doing really slow network reads or something, but foo()'s
code aside from the system calls is fast, it won't show up as being
exceptional in your profiling output.  That's why it's kind of hard to
profile things that are I/O-intensive this way.

I think your 1/5 second number should correspond to something close to the
"user" CPU time as reported by "time"...

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