Problem with "configure" on winNT

Bryan Mann bmann at
Tue Aug 18 17:47:35 PDT 1998

On Tue, 18 Aug 1998 DDunkin at wrote:

> I have the same problem. I guess this isn't really a Kaffe problem but a
> Cygwin32 problem. sh is in the path (I can type "sh ./configure" and it
> works, but chokes later on in the file). Does someone know how to remedy
> this?
I've used cygwin32 to compile sendmail, rcs, thttpd, bind ... for
Win ''95 but never kaffe.

The required magic is to edit your cygnus.bat file and be sure to
set your MAKE_MODE=unix.  Without this you are forced to modify
the makefiles so they can find .obj files and magically use .exe
as the default extension for executables.

Cygnus has a pretty decent FAQ on their website.

> Tuesday,18 aug 1998.
> I'm trying to install kaffe but I've got a problem with "configure", the
> file is not found.(WinNT, CygWin32)
> Here is what I have:
> -rwxr-xr-x   1 1001     everyone   148279 Aug 17 10:02 configure
> -rw-r-Sr--   1 1001     everyone    24382 Aug  6 23:50
> bash-2.01$ ./profile
> bash: ./profile: No such file or directory
You should use a command line:

./configure --prefix={Wherever}

And be sure to set {Wherever} to be the install dir for your distribution.
This should typically be in 'cygwin32' format '//c/usr/local/'

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