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Wed Aug 19 03:56:36 PDT 1998


It seems that "configure" scripts contains some errors which prevent Kaffe
from finding Kaffe.jar in some situations. Namely, "kaffehome=`eval echo
$datadir`/kaffe" may define kaffehome as "NONE/share/kaffe". This value
goes to config/config.h and affects kaffe/kaffe/main.c. As result, Kaffe
reports that it can't find essential class Object unless classpath is
As far as I understand the situation, "configure" defines "prefix" after it
completes all checks unless "--prefix" option is given or prefix is defined
in I don't know whether this should be considered as a bug in
autoconf. Some packages use "-D" to pass paths to the compilers. It makes
it possible to specify "prefix" to "make" and build the program with
different prefixes without need to rerun "configure". Of course, it
increases screen output, so this is not the best solution. Another solution
could be to create some supplementary config1.h from Makefile. I'll ask
about it in automake at The best fix I can propose right now (do not
apply it!) is:
--- kaffe/     Wed Aug 19 09:14:14 1998
+++ kaffe/  Wed Aug 19 11:42:46 1998
@@ -706,8 +706,11 @@
 dnl Define default classpath (not needed), kaffehome and libraryhome.
 dnl ----------------------------------------------------------------------

-kaffehome=`eval echo $datadir`/kaffe
+ test "x$prefix" = xNONE && prefix=$ac_default_prefix
+ kaffehome=`eval echo $datadir`/kaffe

 AC_CONFIG_HEADER(config/config.h include/jtypes.h)
Better solutions are welcome!

Pavel Roskin <pavel.roskin at>

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