Newer Klasses.jar and pizza.jar

Archie Cobbs archie at
Wed Aug 19 12:06:52 PDT 1998

Pavel.Roskin at writes:
> Is it possible to rebuild Klasses.jar every time as java files are updated?
> Or at least rebuild Klasses.jar once a week. CVS repository should IMHO
> either keep up-to-date library or not keep it at all.
> By the way, newer version of Pizza is available (0.39g). Why not put it to
> CVS?

Yeah, I kindof agree...

Ideally, the files in the CVS repository should be source files only,
that is: no files that can be created from other files. So Klasses.jar
should be removed if you believe this philosophy. Similarly with
"configure" (which is, correctly, *not* in the CVS repository).

There should then be a top-level target for "make distribution", which
would convert a CVS checked-out tree into a kaffe-snap distribution
tree, ie, it would:

  - Build Klasses.jar from the source files
  - Generate "configure" from "" using autoconf
  - Whatever else I've missed

Then there could also be another makefile target "make sourceclean"
which would do the reverse, ie:

  - Do a "make distclean" first
  - Remove Klasses.jar, configure, ...

Just some thoughts..


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