makeJava - further enhancements

Pavel.Roskin at Pavel.Roskin at
Fri Aug 21 11:32:39 PDT 1998


I've made further enhancements in makeJava script:
1) -unsafe option turns off checking if the compiler actually creates
output files. It is necessary until java.awt.widget.* problem is fixed.
2) -batch option puts all files which must be compiled in one command line.
3) -force option turns off timestamp checking. "makeJava -batch -force"
should do the same thing as rebuildLib.
4) Better argument parsing.
5) Exit codes are documented.
6) Support for shells whose "echo" doesn't accept "-n".
7) Many minor renicements.

I send the whole file, because it is not (yet) too big.

Pavel Roskin <pavel.roskin at>

(See attached file: makeJava)
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