Jikes fails to compile kaffe classes

Godmar Back gback at cs.utah.edu
Mon Aug 24 10:08:42 PDT 1998

> The same in few words means that socketGetOption and socketSetOption are
> declared as protected in java/net/PlainDatagramSocketImpl.java and as
> public in java/net/PlainSocketImpl.java. Is this the problem you have with
> Jikes?

No.  It claims that
socketS/GetOption is protected in java.net.PlainDatagramSocketImpl, but
public in its superclass java.net.DatagramSocketImpl.

However, java.net.DatagramSocketImpl does not implement any of 
socketS/GetOption at all.  

I would file that as a pizza bug.

I have seen pizza failing with weird things like this before as a result
of a real problem elsewhere in the code; it seemed to me it didn't recover
from that error.  It would be strange if that is the only error during the
compilation, though.

	- Godmar

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