String arguments in kaffe

Bradley McLean BradM at
Tue Aug 25 11:38:41 PDT 1998

Archie Cobbs wrote:
> If you're really clever, you'd do this completely in Java by
> subclassing ClassLoader and overriding loadClass() to instrument
> each class file with new bytecodes at the beginning of each method
> to print out any String arguments.
> But that's probably damn near impossible.. :-)

Actually, it sounds pretty easy.

> Brings up a good question.. has anyone defined a "Bytecode" class
> that would let you more easily do things like this?

No, but kicking around somewhere I have a series of classes that
represent a .class file that I used with a piece of code that did
remote objects before RJI existing.  We autogenerated stubs and
skeletons.  I was too lazy to write a big class full of the
necessary constants though.

If there's someone out there with an interest in tackling the
project (which would include updating JDK1.0.2 code, improving
documentation, writing the "Bytecode" class, and finally, the
method entry logging code generation) I'll be happy to forward
on the code and some advice.  Send private Email.


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