makefile changes

Archie Cobbs archie at
Fri Aug 28 13:56:17 PDT 1998

Some miscellaneous changes are now checked in to the repository, which
should not affect anything, but just want to give folks a heads up:

 - Everything (except jit.def) should compile cleanly under gcc with
   the -Wall and -Wstrict-prototypes flags. More flags to come.. :-)

 - Fixes for "make distclean" .. it should work properly now, returning
   the source tree to the "distribution" state, ie, leaving the exact
   same set of files you'd get in a kaffe-snap tarball.

 - New makefile target: "make derived-files" should regenerate any
   files that are derived from other files, but checked in to the
   repository (e.g, configure, Klasses.jar, and several "external_wrappers.h"
   files). You'll need kaffe, m4, autoconf, and zip installed to do this.

 - Removed some files that were not being used:

Please let me know (via this list) if this stuff breaks anything.


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