Kaffe-WinNT4.0 - Dynamic Library Problems...

Colyar, Michael A michael.a.colyar at intel.com
Mon Aug 31 10:03:00 PDT 1998

     I'm having difficulty running the tests after succesful (finally) 
     compilation of Kaffe.exe under Windows NT 4.0 SP3.
     I configured as follows:
     configure --with-staticlib --with-engine=intrp 
     I built the kaffe tree after fixing up makefiles, header files, etc.
     After I got kaffe.exe compiled, I attempted to run it using " make 
     test". It then throws a dialog box telling me that "The application or 
     DLL libkaffevm.a is not a valid NT image. Please check this against 
     your installation diskette".
     I thought the --with-staticlib option would disable shared library 
     Has anyone seen this problem?
     "I don't speak for Intel, and Intel rarely speaks for me"

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