Bug in BufferedReader.ready()

Artur Biesiadowski abies at pg.gda.pl
Fri Dec 4 07:19:52 PST 1998

Archie Cobbs wrote:

> Yes, this is a bug. Could you try the version of BufferedReader.java
> below and let me know if it works for your application? You will have
> to rebuild and reinstall Klasses.jar.

It worked (at least for my particular case).

Second thing which is wrong, I think, is tied with java.awt.Canvas. JDK
clears components in update method, kaffe in Canvas paint method. This
makes difference - in kaffe I have to clear area by hand, or call
super.paint(g). I'm not sure which one is right, but it is clearly
incompatibility with JDK. I can add super.paint(g) in my program, but
there are sure other programs which will not do it.


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