How does it work ?

alice dubois alice.dubois at
Thu Dec 24 01:30:33 PST 1998


How does it work ?!?

Before kaffeb3, to display .gif and .jpg, I added /DIR/libjpeg.a and /DIR/
libgif.a in kaffe/kaffe/Makefile but now (with kaffe beta3) .gif are 
displayed without doing anything and .jpg catch exception. I remark that 
classes (ImageProducer, ImageConsumer, ...) where added in package java.awt 
and  I suppose that they are used for that. 
So libgif.a is no more needed ? 
What about libjpeg.a ? 

How must I do to avoid exception for .jpg ?
Is there something to add ?

Thanks and ...
Merry Xmas everybody,


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