RMI support?

Bill Huey billh at mag.ucsd.edu
Sat Dec 26 15:08:06 PST 1998

> objects system. For that you use CORBA. RMI's real value is that it
> provides a very simple manner to provide distributed objects to small
> scale applications.
> Of course all that being said, once there's a GPL'd implementation out
> there, there's nothing to stop somebody from writing an improved wire
> protocol with better performance. ;-)

So you're saying that the main limitation of RMI is the speed of the
implementation ?

What about the completeness of RMI relative to CORBA ?

Sun has a graph denoting the RMI is somehow a technical superset of

> I've heard of Jacob before.... Do you have a URL to it? I'm always
> curious about Java-based OODBMS's.

> --Chris


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