How does it work ?

alice dubois alice.dubois at
Mon Dec 28 01:23:52 PST 1998

>Just if you want to display GIFs. In case you don't have one of the image 
>but try to load such a file, Toolkit.imgCreateFromFile (-> readGifFile,
>readJPegFile, readPngFile) should return '0', leaving the Image with a
>IMAGE_ERROR|IMAGE_ABORTED state. I guess you got the Exceptions in 
>usage of these images?

For exemple, with Thursday 24 kaffe-snap, whithout change, when I run ( with tvt.jpg) the image is not displayed and this error is 
        at java/awt/ImageFileProducer.startProduction(27)
        at java/awt/Image.loadImage(189)
        at java/awt/Image.getHeight(145)
        at WidgetsDemo.paint(381)
        at java/awt/Window.update(305)
        at java/awt/PaintEvent.dispatch(51)
        at java/awt/
        at java/awt/WMEvent.dispatch(52)
        at java/awt/          

If I replace tvt.jpg by linux.gif, I see the image and the exception is not 
( I use linux red-hat 5.1)


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