XMas patches

Parmelan, Edouard EP510777 at exchange.FRANCE.NCR.com
Mon Dec 28 07:13:30 PST 1998

Hi Archie,
Hi Gerhard,
Hi others,

I have a collection of small patches:

1. Remove one more KMALLOC(0)
  In findInJar(), if the file is empty it try to allocate
  a buffer of 0 bytes :)
  Fix in kaffevm/findInJar.c
2. RE: new hashtable support:
  Archie, in your patch, you use the address of a function
  to initialize the magic DELETED pointer.  I think is not
  so good.  The following patch initialize it as his own
  address.  More, it also made it constant [gcc better
  optimize it].

3. Redo a TVT-merge killed patch:
  JDK docs said that java/io/FilterInputStream.read(byte[])
  must call read(byte[], int, int).

4. Old patch for AppletViewer if applet is null.

5. Fix typo in kaffevm/utf8const.c

6. RE: bug in Array.newInstance(Class, int[])
  newMultiArray() expects a negative value as the end of
  the dimensions array but 0 was added :(
  Fix in clib/native/Array.c

7. RE: [kaffe] bug in InputStream.available() method
  The echo test also failed on MP-RAS.  I track down
  the problem and found that KFSTAT() don't return -1 for
  STDIN.  In fact, STDIN was /dev/pts/33 (for my run).
  The following patch use st_size only if it's a regular
  file as man pages said.
  Fix in clib/io/FileInputStream.c

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