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Bryan Mann bmann at
Mon Dec 7 09:26:50 PST 1998

On 6 Dec 1998, Alexandre Oliva wrote:

> On Dec  3, 1998, Maksim Lin <maksim at> wrote:
> > Having a kafferc would also be nice to be able to set these directories
> > and possibly other options.
> Having to perform a directory search every time a Java application is
> started may be too much overhead.  How about just sourcing
> shell-script fragments such as /usr/local/share/kaffe/kafferc and
> $HOME/.kafferc, if they exist, before starting Kaffe?

Yes, this may be true.  When I was thinking about it I imagined that
like Sun's JDK/JRE pair you'd be willing to pay the 'penalty' when
using the JDK, and that the JRE would actually allow you to 'hardcode'
a search path.  This perhaps implies still more work to do to
create a JRE env. for kaffe?


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