ARM build

Raffaele Sena raff at
Tue Dec 8 11:06:12 PST 1998

I just find out the ARM build (on ARM Linux/NetWinder) was generating
some compilation warning related to signed/unsigned chars.

Can the following code be added to config/arm/linux/config.frag ?

	# in ARM gcc characters are by default unsigned
	CFLAGS="$CFLAGS -fsigned-char"

Also, I'm happily using kaffe built with shared libraries on ARM Linux
but my changes for that never made in the source tree. If interested I
can post them again.

...and I would really like, if possible, to see my JIT code integrated,
before I lose it. It still does not work, but it can stay there disabled
untile I or somebody else find the right way to flush the instruction cache.


p.s.  I saw the config.frag file for PowerPC "adds" the -fsigned-char
	option too. Unfortunately it does so by assigning "-g -fsigned-char"
	to CFLAGS, and in doing so overrides all the options set on the
	command line or by configure itself.

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