Exception handling in kaffe

Ulli Kortenkamp kortenkamp at inf.ethz.ch
Wed Dec 9 01:48:46 PST 1998


I tried kaffe-1.0-b3 with our Java software and there is a problem
with Exception catching. We are using constructions like

try {
  // do something
} catch (Exception exc) {
 // ignore any errors

a lot, but kaffe does not catch the Exception but reports it on the
console. Here is a concrete example:

        at de/cinderella/controls/ConfiguredMenu.getToolBar(371)
        at de/cinderella/ports/Dispatcher.openFrame(223)
        at de/cinderella/Cindy.main(241)

Where the corresponding lines in ConfiguredMenu are 

369    KeyObject x=null;
370    try {
371	x = (KeyObject)modArray[i].newInstance();
372    } catch (Exception exc) {
373    }

It also happens with simpler things.

The software runs fine on any virtual machine tested so far (Sun,
Microsoft, Netscape, all architectures), except Kaffe.


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