Linux 2.0/2.1 incompatibility may cause kaffe to fail

Parmelan, Edouard EP510777 at
Mon Dec 14 06:43:27 PST 1998

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> Subject:	Linux 2.0/2.1 incompatibility may cause kaffe to fail
>  Edouard pointed out to me that there is an incompatibility between
> Linux 2.0 and 2.1 due to various changes in their C library, namely
> the signal handling.  More specifically, the incompatibility has to
> do with the various versions of Linux's C library floating around.
> (libc5, libc6, glibc2, you name it)
Linux 2.1 handle SA_SIGINFO witch changes the prototype of
the signal handler (EXCEPTIONPROTO):
without SA_SIGINFO in sigaction:
  int sig, struct sigcontext_struct ctx
  int sig, struct sigcontext ctx
with SA_SIGINFO in sigaction (linux 2.1):
  int sig, struct siginfo *sip, struct ucontext *ctx

I quick read includes on a linux-2.0 glibc2 config and
SA_SIGINFO is not defined.  So, SA_SIGINFO is not handle
in glibc 2.0.6 (aka libc6).

> Recent bug reports concerning exception handling in kaffe are most 
> likely caused by this.
> Building on 2.0 and running it on 2.1 or vice versa will not
> work.  Always build and run on the same version of Linux.
compiling on 2.0 and running on 2.1 does work.
but compiling on 2.1 and running on 2.0 does not work.


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