Indenting/formatting Kaffe's source code (was Re: Codeing style questions)

Tal Davidson davidsont at
Fri Dec 18 08:55:39 PST 1998


Derek's letter raised an interesting proposal in my mind. I hope it will be
helpful for Kaffe:

I am the creator of Artistic Style - an open-source indenter and formatter
of java, C++ and C source code files. Artistic Style has been out for almost
half a year, and has a growing user-base of thousands of programmers
worldwide. Moreover, I am being helped by a  growing active
bug-tester/contributer base, and all of us are working in the pure interest
to create the best formatter/indenter possible, for the pure joy of it.
Artistic Style is currently indenting/formatting the source files of MANY
MANY different projects, from open-source projects - to commercial companies

Perhaps the programmers of Kaffe would be interested in formatting Kaffe's
code to a uniform format, or just prettyfying their source code, using
Artistic style.

Artistic Style's URL is:

Tal Davidson

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From: Derek L Davies <ddavies at>
To: kaffe at <kaffe at>
Date: Friday, December 18, 1998 6:45 PM
Subject: Codeing style questions

>I have two questions regarding the coding style in the VM.
>1) in kaffe-1.0.b3/kaffe/kaffevm/readClassConfig.h I see stuff like
> do {
> /* blah, blah, blah */
> } while(0)
>How is this semantically different from just opening a block, i.e.:
> {
> /* blah, blah, blah */
> }
>2) in kaffe-1.0.b3/kaffe/kaffe/main.c there's a comment asking "Why do
>we split main into two parts?"  Does anyone know the answer to this?

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