Different look & feel ???

peter at transvirtual.com peter at transvirtual.com
Sun Dec 20 21:16:56 PST 1998

On Mon, 21 Dec 1998, Dirk Grunwald wrote:
>>>>>> "lyhb" == loh york hong, brennon <cwclohyh at nus.edu.sg> writes:
>lyhb> Will the <<EXACT>> same application running on Kaffe have the
>lyhb> <<EXACT>> same look & feel when I try two different underlying
>lyhb> graphics library (e.g. GRx v2.3 and Xlib) supporting Kaffe ??
>Most definitly fonts. I've been contemplating adding FreeType support
>to the GRX "custom" version for precisely that reason, but won't get
>to that for a while.

Not really if you configured the AWT (via Defaults.java) to use bitmap fonts.
GRX uses font files generated from their X counterparts. However, TrueTypes are
really missing..

-- Peter

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