Different look & feel ???

peter at transvirtual.com peter at transvirtual.com
Sun Dec 20 20:43:33 PST 1998

On Mon, 21 Dec 1998, loh york hong, brennon wrote:
>Will the <<EXACT>> same application running on Kaffe have 
>the <<EXACT>> same look & feel when I try two different 
>underlying graphics library (e.g. GRx v2.3 and Xlib) supporting
>Kaffe ??

The widgets (Lists, Buttons, TextAreas, Menus, Scrollbars ..) are identical
(since they share most of the code). The Frame decorations (titlebar, border)
are different because they are drawn

 - by the native window manager in case of X
 - completely in Java in case of GRX (standalone AWT / Custom edition)

You can see the "difference" in the snapshots of the gallery section on

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