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Godmar Back gback at
Mon Dec 21 23:41:40 PST 1998

> On Dec 22, 1998, "Xavier Pianet" <xavier at> wrote:
> > I downloaded the last release yesterday (kaffe-1.0.b3 not the snapshot) 
> >  but as soon as it starts, i end up with 
> > It's not ThreadDeath, and there's no exception handler.
> >  This is something I cannot handle.
> > Abort

This error message was since replaced with
"Internal Error, check your classpath or your installation."

The most optimistic reason is that you simply don't have the
Klasses.jar file installed, or that you falsely use Sun's
first in your CLASSPATH.
These cases are now diagnosed as well, and an informative error msg
is printed.

The msg means that the initialization of kaffe failed.
Kaffe does a lot of things until it gets to the `main' method of
the class you start up, and if any of these things go wrong, this is the
likely result.

	- Godmar

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