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Daniel Berlin DanielB at
Mon Dec 21 19:16:27 PST 1998

> Hi evreryone.
> I was wondering if there was any-one working on a BeOS port of Kaffe.
> I downloaded the last release yesterday (kaffe-1.0.b3 not the 
> snapshot) 
> on the net and  after a few hours, i managed to have a complete make
(actually even ./
> configure) that build on BeOS.

Same here.

> So even if it doesn't regress correctly for, i 
> already have a working version of Kaffe, ie it looks like it 
> finds its 
> libraries (i can see the help message, version) :
> Kaffe -version
> Kaffe Virtual Machine
> Copyright (c) 1996, 1997, 1998
> Transvirtual Technologies, Inc.  All rights reserved
> Engine: Just-in-time   Version: 1.00   Java Version: 1.1
>  but as soon as it starts, i end up with 
> It's not ThreadDeath, and there's no exception handler.
>  This is something I cannot handle.
> Abort
> So i know that i have some work to do in jthread, and the signaling 
> system, but i'm really impressed to have a compilable version, i can 
> now start to dig in the code to find the problems.

Your problems are the following:

One: It's probably easier to use beos native threads than rewrite all the
routines in the fake threads you would need.
You'll need to rewrite just about all of them.
Two: Signals. They are evil. 
Three: AWT. needs to be redone

A few thinks, like sockets, which will work when r5 comes along, till then,
youll have to fake the getsockopt's
> is it easier to work first on the interpreter ? i guess so 
> but i first  try the jit.

It doesn't matter much.
I can provide all the low level info needed to do the JIT (if any is needed)
> Can you tell me if i'm doing any thing that some one esle is 
> working on 
> too ?

I'm not working on it, i just ported it to a point where it would run
helloworld, and then gave up.
I have other things to do.

> I would love to help, you really made a great job here, but 
> it will be  stupid to work on a new port if one is already on the way..

Nope, no one is really working on one
> I also have a question about autoconf, i got it from GeekGadgets on 
> BeOS, what arguments should i pass to it ?. right now i made a 
> configure and modified slightly the config.status to setup all 
> makefiles.

You did checkout the i686-beos-branch of autoconf, right?

> Regards
> Xavier Pianet,			 mailto:xavier at
> XSWare	                             mailto:xsware at
> you can visit xingo at

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