New port in progress

Xavier Pianet xavier at
Tue Dec 22 14:22:55 PST 1998

>> On Dec 22, 1998, "Xavier Pianet" <xavier at> wrote:
>> > I downloaded the last release yesterday (kaffe-1.0.b3 not the 
>> >  but as soon as it starts, i end up with 
>> > It's not ThreadDeath, and there's no exception handler.
>> >  This is something I cannot handle.
>> > Abort
>This error message was since replaced with
>"Internal Error, check your classpath or your installation."
>The most optimistic reason is that you simply don't have the
>Klasses.jar file installed, or that you falsely use Sun's
>first in your CLASSPATH.
>These cases are now diagnosed as well, and an informative error msg
>is printed.
>The msg means that the initialization of kaffe failed.
>Kaffe does a lot of things until it gets to the `main' method of
>the class you start up, and if any of these things go wrong, this is 
>likely result.
>	- Godmar
My guess is that without implementation of threads yet i still have 
some way to go before thinking CLASSPATH no???
But as soon as i recompile the last snapshot i will try the new 


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